Howdy folks.

Sanderista here.

I have some thoughts.

@HillaryClinton is a remarkable American.

She has experience at all levels of government establishing broadly-liberal policies, and had to fight for every inch.

I like that. I will vote for her in the general if she wins the primary.

I prefer @BernieSanders, because — as I’ve had the privilege of being represented by him since I was a kid — I’ve seen his prescience, his relentlessness and his progress. He has fought for me. Every citizen of this country deserves his advocacy, and a piece of my good fortune in having experienced it.

But again, I’m not a f***ing idiot. @HillaryClinton isn’t just someone I’ll “hold my nose and vote for”.

I’d be proud to have her as my president. I hope-bordering-on-demand that her supporters feel the same way about @BernieSanders.

I like Hillary. I’m voting Bernie.

I’m not alone.

In fact, I better f***ing well be legion; the future of the Republic requires it.